This Man Was Shocked By What He Found In His Elderly Family Member’s House

1. A Difficult Transition

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No one is ever fully prepared to face the difficulties associated with old age. Particularly when people begin aging rapidly, it can become increasingly challenging for them to take care of themselves. Unfortunately, the same challenge can apply to taking care of any dear pets. This happened when Timothy, an 83-year-old man, moved from his Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania home into to a full time nursing home.

Shortly after Timothy’s move, a family member came to town to make arrangements to clean out and sell the home he lived in before the nursing home. The family member, Alan Cranston, checked in at the nursing home, then went to the house of his 83-year-old relative to start taking care of everything. Alan reflected on the original family decision to move his relative to the nursing home. While it was not an easy decision, the family decided that their elderly relative needed full time assistance. As he was having difficulty remember things and recognizing people, Alan and the rest of his family agreed it was time.

When Alan went to the house with hopes of cleaning out the house and picking up his relative’s cherished possessions, he ended up getting much more than he bargained for—a big surprise and a vital life lesson.


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